The original
Safari Blue Experience
Safari Blue


The original
Safari Blue Experience
Safari Blue

Safari Blue | Tradional Zanzibari Dhow

The original Safari Blue tour

The Safari Blue experience is an unmissable day tour of the protected waters around the islands of Zanzibar. Sailing in one of our traditional Dhows, beautifully constructed from African mahogany by Zanzibari craftsmen, you’ll have the opportunity to see and feel the magic of the African Spice Islands up close and personal. The tour is packed with activities for all tastes; so whether you want to unwind and watch nature or snorkel with tropical fish or feast on local delicacies, we have you covered!

We’ve been operating Safari Blue since 1995 and we’re the only operator in Zanzibar licensed to use the name ‘Safari Blue’. We are the original and the unmissable!

Our Values

We don’t skimp on crew training, on your safety, on our environmental impact or on your pleasure!

The Safari Blue experience is a day jam packed with so many delights. We provide you with good quality equipment for snorkeling, opportunities for safe swimming in the clear Indian Ocean, feasting on Swahili cuisine, watching dolphins and dhow sailing. This year we’ve been fortunate to see whales on several occasions.

Our values are to protect the environment and culture of Zanzibar and to offer a safe and seamless experience. Our crew also take pride in bringing you the local knowledge and context to enrich your trip. All you need to do is ENJOY!

We’re both proud and passionate about the magical experience we’ve created for you, which is also respectful of our core values of sustainable and Eco-friendly tourism.

Safari Blue | Dhow

What you can expect

A magical day exploring the Menai Bay Conservation area in a traditional wooden dhow

Guided snorkeling in the beautiful clear waters of the Indian Ocean

Watching dolphins at play

Going ashore on the powdery sandbank

Swimming at our secret spot in the hidden mangrove lagoon

Feasting on our delicious Swahili seafood barbecue followed by exotic island fruit tasting

Enjoying a nip of local Amarula Liqueur with your coffee

Drinks and snacks throughout the day

The Zanzibar Magic

Zanzibar, although now used as the name for the largest island is one of a group of Indian Ocean Islands, often called the African Spice Islands. The Safari Blue experience departs from Fumba village on the southwest coast of Zanzibar and tours the Menai Bay Conservation Area which is Zanzibar’s largest marine protected area. So much of the identity and wonder of these Spice Islands becomes clearer when experienced from the sea. This is a Zanzibar experience not to be missed.

Let yourself feel like the first Africans, Omani Arabs and Indians who sailed the monsoons to Zanzibar on dhows in the first millennium.

Safari Blue Zanzibar Tour Map

Something for Everyone

The Safari Blue tour is suitable for all, there’s plenty to see and do for all tastes and ages. We don’t charge for children under 6yrs and children under 15yrs get a hefty discount.

For families on holiday in Zanzibar, this is the kind of trip which can be the highlight of your holiday and be one of those special family memories in the making. For groups of friends, how much fun you can have snorkeling, swimming and exploring. For individuals and couples, we leave you plenty of choice for alone-time or mingling, for activity or even romance. Our really friendly crew will make sure everyone enjoys their time with us, that’s probably why we’ve managed to keep our 5 star rating for so long on Tripadvisor!

By the way we’ve held the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence since 2011.

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Why Safari Blue?

With more than 20 years behind us, we’ve understood very well what makes a great balance between an amazing experience and care for the local environment and livelihoods. Many of our crew have been with us forever, we provide continual training opportunities and incentives for the hardest working. Our crew are local Swahili speakers, but they also speak English, Italian, French and Spanish. We continue to invest in our infrastructure on Kwale Island where we have our island beach club with smart stretch tent, sunbeds and dining area. Our seafood BBQ feasts are all from the Sustainable Seafood Policy green list.

We are drastically reducing the number of plastic water bottles we use by serving water from reusable water gallons, having joined the RefillMyBottle campaign.

We constantly look for ways to minimize our environmental footprint, reduce waste, recycle, compost food waste, harvest rain water and use solar energy.

There can be few things more satisfying than being under sail heading back to base after a day of exploration and knowing your enjoyment was responsibly sourced!

Safari Blue | Crew

The Safari Blue experience by Safari Blue
The original – The unmissable!
All for ONLY $70

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