Safari Blue Zanzibar | Private Charter

Private Charter – Why not?

Our Safari Blue Private charter goes to another level.

With our private charters, you still have all the magic of the Spice Islands to admire, you still get to be in our beautiful traditional Dhows, you still get to swim, explore, snorkel if you want, but you get to do all that at your pace in your own way.

We are good at this, we’ve become good at this, because we’ve been doing it a long time. Giving people amazing experiences in the stunning waters around magical Zanzibar. It’s the kind of thing which makes an instant lifelong memory, whether you take our private charter with your partner as a romantic couples experience or whether you book it for a whole bunch of friends or family for a celebration, either way, there’s nothing quite like it.

You can tailor it around a secluded gourmet beach dining experience, or around getting close to nature, with dolphins or nature walks on the islands, or maybe you just want to have that deserted beach all to yourself for some serious sun worship, or just swim, snorkel and enjoy the great outdoors with friends.

As prices go for great experiences, and given this is Zanzibar, and that we have such beautiful Dhows and such a great crew – our private charter is a steal with prices starting at under $400 for two.

You know you are worth it!

Check out our Private Charter page for more information or use our contact form to discuss what your private charter would look like.