The Sand Bar

The Sand Bar is on Kwale island next to our lounge and restaurant, the island is our usual lunch stop for our Safari Blue experience and Bubble Boat tours.

We’ve always included a lunch time Swahili feast with beers on our experiences but we listened to our fun loving customers who often asked for cocktails and a wider choice of drinks so we decided to build a bar! We think it’s a great addition to Safari Blue and our customers seem to agree.
The Sand Bar has been furnished out of upcycled bits of old and broken boats, the bar counter, seats and tables are all repurposed and all under the shade of a Tentickle tent just like our restaurant.
Salum our barman is highly skilled and a great cocktail maker and our prices are great.
Unlike our restaurant which is solely for Safari Blue guests, we’ve decided to open The Sand Bar to anyone who visits Kwale – we’re loving the response we’re having to this latest addition to our Safari Blue offering.


Kwale Island is one of the many islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago and tiny at around 7km squared. It’s blessed with a large mangrove forest and of course surrounded by the amazing turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean teaming with natural wildlife.

At Safari Blue, we’ve held our Swahili lunchtime seafood feast on Kwale Island for many years. We have a laid back but properly equipped restaurant & lounge area on the beach and we’ve recently added The Sand Bar. Over nearly 20 years we’ve continued to take pride in our partnership with the island to develop new ways to minimise our footprint while giving guests an opportunity to enjoy its beauty.

There is always a fine balance between the benefits of tourism to local workers and the environmental impact to those beautiful locations from the same tourists, particularly on small islands like Kwale. At Safari Blue we have been leading the way with that balance on Kwale for many years,  with eco friendly solutions, beach cleanups, rainwater conservation and staff training. We take responsibility where sadly other informal tour operators just come enjoy and leave without having policies or systems to minimise their damage. By booking with Safari Blue our guests get to visit Kwale for their lunchtime feast knowing that they are benefiting rather than disrupting that delicate balance between benefit and harm which tourism brings.

Kwale Island, our Safari Blue Experience lunch stop & route, plus other islands in our private charter options

Safari Blue Zanzibar Tour Map
Aerial View of Safari Blue on Kwale Island