Sailing Experiences from Safari Blue Zanzibar


Our sailing experiences are more than just boat tours. We’ve been in the business of amazing days out on the waters around Zanzibar since 1996. There is nothing standard or ordinary about Zanzibar or the azure blue waters of the Menai Conservation area where we tour.

For those who want an all inclusive day on the water on a traditional Dhow and a seafood feast for lunch on Kwale Island, our most popular (and most copied) product the Safari Blue Experience is the perfect day out.

For those who want to stay in their social bubble we have a new ‘Bubble Boat’ which is the same great Safari Blue experience but in your own boat.

Food, beverages and beers are included in all our experiences, but for those who like a little more cocktail fun on their day out, we’ve opened a new bar on Kwale Island where we stop for lunch. Read more about The Sand Bar here.

For more of a treat…

For those who want something more bespoke, more high-end, more away from the crowd, trips to different islands, we offer private charters on traditional Dhows. These experiences give something tailored for you, private for you and your guests. Just perfect for those special treats, getting away from it all, private parties, family celebrations, romantic get-aways, proposals or bucket list experiences. Contact us to discuss any special plans you might have or book your date here and talk over the details later.


The waters and islands around Zanzibar are amazing, we do our best to make your Safari Blue experiences magical.


We take an environmentally friendly approach by minimizing our footprint, reducing waste, recycling where we can, composting food waste, harvesting rain water and using solar energy. We cook with gas where possible, we never use plastic bags, plastic plates or disposable cups and handle all our rubbish responsibly. (We are currently offering plastic cups to our guests as a Covid safety measure.)


We are open.

We did remain closed during the first months of the pandemic and during that time our staff were furloughed and retrained in new Covid-safe operating procedures. As Zanzibar starts to get back to normal, we continue to take our customer safety seriously. To read more about the measures we are taking, please visit our COVID-19 page.

In addition to our new procedures, we’ve also created a new ‘Bubble Boat‘ tour for those who want to experience our renowned Safari Blue tour but in their own ‘social bubble’.

Our 3 current experiences are below – read how you can still have a great day out with Safari Blue.


Safari Blue Experience route and other islands we can visit on our private charters

Safari Blue Zanzibar Tour Map