Your most common questions answered here.

What measures are you taking for safety against Covid-19?


For your reassurance, we are operating with new Covid-19 safety measures which include reduced numbers on every trip, trained staff, protective measures and thorough cleaning procedures. We have 2 ‘socially distanced’ options our new Bubble Boat tour and our Private Dhow charter experience.

You can find out more detail about our Covid measures here.

How do we know you are the real Safari Blue?

There are a lot of different boat company’s operating in Zanzibar, some of them using variations of our name. Safari Blue is trademarked, we are the original. We are registered and insured to do what we do. We’ve been around since 1995. We employ a large local staff who have been trained in hospitality, customer safety, marine environmentals and our new Covid-19 measures.

Although others might use our name, we do not operate the same as everyone else – we bother about our environmental impact and footprint. We care about the quality of your experience. Aside from optional transport to and from your hotel, everything else is included. Visit our experiences pages to see what to expect.

Sadly there are people using our name and images to trick customers into buying trips from them, please watch out for this.

One of the main ways to tell that it’s us, is our distinctive yellow logo with dark blue writing. There are logo flags on our boats and our staff wear our yellow t-shirts with the logo.

You can be sure you book the original Safari Blue™ and not a copycat tour if you book directly with us – using our booking portal or writing to us here.

What if I prefer quieter tours without sharing with strangers?

We currently have 2 options:

‘Bubble Boat’ – our private group Safari Blue tour experience is the same great day out as our standard Safari Blue tour, but with your own boat! Available for 2 or more people. The fee is the normal $70 per person, plus a flat fee per boat of $200. Your boat will follow the Safari Blue tour itinerary, no changes, no customisations and lunch will be in our tented restaurant.

Private Charter – a unique, bespoke experience on one of our traditional Dhows, where you get to choose everything from start to finish. The tour can take you off the beaten track to deserted islands or sandbanks, start and finish when you like. If you want, our private Dhow charter, can be a truly private experience, with no need to meet or see other people, other than your crew!.

Which is the best Safari Blue experience for solo travellers?

Our Safari Blue experience, which we’ve been running since 1996, is a great day out for anyone travelling solo. Our boats currently have a smaller number of passengers, and a number of other Covid-19 safety measures in place, but will still have all the fun of being in a traditional Dhow, touring the azure waters around Zanzibar and having a seafood feast for lunch.

What time do you leave Fumba and what time do the boats return?

We leave at 09.30am and return around 16.30pm.

For our private charter experiences, these times can vary.

How can I book?

You can book instantly online using our secure booking portal here.

Or you can contact us here if you have questions.

Can you help arrange transport?

Yes we can. You can add transport to and/or from your hotel when you book your trip on our booking portal.

Or just let us know in the message section if you book from our contact page.

What languages do your guides speak?

Our crew can speak English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

What should I bring on my trip?

Under normal circumstances you should bring:




Water Shoes


Essential Covid-19 additions – until further notice:

Cloth face mask (now optional)

Personal re-fillable bottle or reusable cup if you have one, but we are now offering plastic cups

Personal hand sanitiser or you can buy our locally sourced version when you get here

On our private charter and ‘bubble’ boats, you will be in your own social grouping, the choice is then yours whether you wear face masks.

Read here for more detail about our Covid-19 safety measures.

Is there shade on the Dhows?

Yes we have sunshades covering the seating area of the dhows.

There is also a shade on Kwale Island where we eat lunch, over the restaurant area and over our new Sand Bar.

Do you have anything for vegetarians or for those who don't eat seafood`?

In addition to lobster, two kinds of grilled fish and calamari, our lunch buffet includes:

Grilled chicken
Fresh tomato sauces
Maize meal cakes
Green banana curry or lentils and vegetable casserole

There are a wide range of tropical fruits also available.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our Safari Blue Experience tour is US$70 for adults and children aged 15 and over.

Children aged between 6 and 14 pay US$35 each and under 6’s are free!

Everything is included except for transport to and from Fumba – book separately for this when you book (costs vary depending on where you are located in Zanzibar).

To see prices for all 3 of our current experiences on offer – go here

Do the prices include transport?

No. But you can add transport to and from any of the main resorts on the island, when you book online or if you write to us, remember to ask for it.

Please remember to book your transport both ways.

If your query is not answered here in our FAQs please use our contact form to ask.