Zanzibar Learning 4 Life hosts training session on Safari Blue!

Safari Blue is proud to once again, have partnered with Zanzibar Learning 4 Life the after school club with more than 250 young Zanzibari members. The club runs a thriving chicken farm, a bike repair and sales workshop, offers classes in computers, English and German lessons, Environmental and Permaculture training,  entrepreneurship skills and has a small micro finance scheme to encourage young business start ups.

The club’s founder and mentor is Gasica who, having spent some time in the UK last year completing a TEFL course, learnt many new methods of teaching which he has been keen to share with his teachers since he returned to Zanzibar. Each month Gasica and the 15 teachers at the club take a day out together to learn something new, spend time connecting and having some fun in the process. They are often joined by volunteers who work with Gasica at the club.

Their March trip was hosted by us and we are proud to be connected with Zanzibar Learning 4 Life and help to empower the youth of Zanzibar!