Responsible tourism in amazing environment

EMMA F | AUGUST 2019 |

This was my third time with the Safari Blue team and as always it was amazing!

Compared to many of the other companies that claim that they offer the Safari Blue experience the real Safari Blue offers a beautiful tour in the wooden dhows with respect to the environment. The crew on Safari Blue operates with minimum disturbance to the wildlife (they don’t feed fish so you can see more of them, they don’t chase dolphins, they anchor outside the reef and not in the reef etc). This for me is what makes the real Safari Blue stand out! Their staff is educated about the wildlife, they take care of their waste, they plan their trips according to the weather conditions always keeping the safety of the costumers in mind etc. This is a unique thing for the real Safari Blue. And the trips are always amazing with spectacular lunch buffet on Kwale Island. If you want to do a trip on the ocean there is no better option than the Real Safari Blue experience.

I will definitely come back again.