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A Day in the Life of Safari Blue


Take a glimpse into a day in the life of Safari Blue through the eyes of Bella and Jono as they journey through a great day out with Safari Blue.

Set Out to Sea

Bella and Jono’s Safari Blue Experience begins just 30 minutes from Stone Town. From Fumba they set out to sea into the Menai Bay.

On the boat they meet many new friends from all around the world.
 The group gets to know each other in anticipation of their great day out together.

Sand Bank

In the morning they arrive on a large powdery sandbank where sunshades are set up. The Safari Blue Crew helps fit everyone with snorkel gear. Bella plays in the water with her new friend Benedicte.


The Safari Blue Crew guide our guests on an adventure to two locations for fabulous snorkeling. Bella and Jono enjoy snorkeling in the pure and clear water – gazing at the many sea creatures darting around them.
 The Safari Blue Crew pass around young, fresh coconuts to drink and eat, along with delicious local snacks.

Kwale Island Feast

All of the Safari Blue dhows meet up on Kwale island where they are greeted with a choice of hibiscus juice, sodas and beer.
 Bella and Jono are delighted with their delicious lunch, especially the abundant supply of seafood!

Exotic Fruit Tasting

After lunch, a huge spread of exotic fruits are sliced and served right at the table. Bella and Jono could not resist the opportunity to taste the delectable array of island fruits.

Coffee and Amarula

After lunch, Bella and Jono decide to spend time alone with a coffee and Amarula while relaxing on a sunbed.

Ngalawa Sail

Rested and ready for more play, Bella and Jono join up with their group for a fun sail on an Ngalawa – a double rigger local canoe.

Baobab Tree

Afterwards, they venture along the island trails to climb an impressive giant baobab tree.


After a full and exciting day, Bella and Jono decide to spend the rest of the afternoon lounging on the beach.

Dhow Sail Home

The Safari Blue Crew gathers the group to head back to Fumba. Along the way, bottlenose dolphins are spotted. The dhow follows at an unobtrusive distance, allowing everyone to marvel at dolphins leaping through the sea.

After some time, the impressive sails are hoisted as they glide back as the sun lowers. Everyone is smiling and chatting away like old friends, discussing the greatest day out they had in Zanzibar – and for some, their entire lives.