Rates & Info

What time do you leave Fumba and what time do the boats return?

We leave at 09.30 and return around 16.30.

How can I book?

You can book online. Either visit out new BOOKING PORTAL to book instantly OR complete the details in our CONTACT FORM – whichever you prefer.

Can you help arrange transport?

Yes we can. Just let us know in the message section when you book from our contact page

What languages do your guides speak?

Our crew can speak English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

What should I bring on my trip?

Water Shoes

…and don’t forget your swim suit!

Is there shade on the Dhows?

Yes we have sunshades covering the seating area of the dhows, shade on the sandbank and on the island where we eat lunch.

Do you have anything for vegetarians or for those who don't eat seafood`?

In addition to lobster two kinds of grilled fish and calamari, our lunch buffet includes:

Grilled chicken
Fresh tomato sauces
Maize meal cakes
Green banana curry or lentils and vegetable casserole

How much does it cost?

The cost is US$65 for adults and children aged 15 and over.

Children aged between 6 and 14 pay US$35 each and under 6’s are free!

For information about Private Charter costs – please go to our PRIVATE CHARTER page

Do the prices include transport?

No. But you can book transport from any of the main resorts on the island, through us, when you book online or if you write to us, remember to ask for it.

If you are using our online booking portal – please remember to book your transport both ways.